About & Features

  • #Hashtags
  • Format your text bold, italic or underlined
  • Insert Images, files and links to websites
  • Links and mail addresses are recognized automatically
  • Spell Check
  • Live-Search
  • Automatic saving
  • Backup to zip archive
  • Word Clouds with most often used words and tags
  • Templates
  • Export the journal to PDF, HTML, Latex or plain text
  • The data is stored in plain text files, no database is needed
  • Translated into more than 30 languages

RedNotebook is a modern journal

It includes a calendar navigation, customizable templates, export functionality and word clouds. You can also format, tag and search your entries. RedNotebook is Free Software under the GPL.

RedNotebook 1.10.1

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RedNotebook 1.1 on Ubuntu


RedNotebook 1.1 - Preview Mode


Version 1.10.1 released - 2015-04-14

  • When undoing a formatting action, only remove formatting, not the text (lp:1326606).
  • Fix searching with enter for text with non-ASCII characters (lp:1430697).
  • Fix filtering exports by tags containing non-ASCII characters (lp:1267263).
  • Don't remove whitespace from old-style tags in autocomplete box (lp:1414603).
  • Don't try to change spellchecking language if spellchecker is not set up (lp:1443818).
  • Don't try to access files with wrong encoding (lp:1443818).

Version 1.10 released - 2015-04-12

  • Write data to temporary files first to prevent corrupted month files.
  • Add format button for monospace font. Automatically add the correct format for code blocks.
  • Show warning for dates before 1900 (not supported by Python's datetime module).
  • Fix undo/redo.
  • Don't add unneeded newlines around titles and code.

Version 1.9.0 released - 2014-12-27

  • Add #tags to cloud ignore list to remove them from the tag cloud (thanks Przemys┼éaw Buczkowski).
  • Remove option to start RedNotebook minimized.
  • Do not remove menu bar in fullscreen mode (lp:1400356).
  • Allow exiting fullscreen mode with ESC key.
  • Only allow comment signs (#) at the beginning of a line in the config file.
  • Fix reading configuration files.

Version 1.8.1 released - 2014-08-03

  • Do not show new version dialog if latest version cannot be determined (lp:1324126).
  • Fix date formatting for invalid locale encodings.
  • Add necessary library files for spell-checking on Windows (lp:1331876).

Version 1.8.0 released - 2013-12-12

  • Add font selection for edit mode (Philip Akesson).
  • Allow changing preview and cloud font in preferences.
  • Only allow opening RedNotebook minimized on Windows since other systems may lack a system tray.
  • Fix: Display tags starting with "SEP" in preview (lp:1255582).
  • Write scripts to cross-compile RedNotebook Windows exe and installer on Linux.

For the full list of changes have a look at the Changelog.